Eleven Years Ago


11 years ago today my motivated butt decided to go on a mission for the Mormon church. Though I may not be a Mormon now, I’m glad I went on a mission. It gave me the courage and the desire to research information so I could correctly answer questions that pertained to the eternal lives of others. Through that desire to inform I took on the validity of the institution I was raised in only to learn how false it was. On my mission I recorded in journals how I’d constantly ask my┬ámission president, President Hacking, questions about the doctrine and how it didn’t match up with the bible or even LDS historical doctrine. The contradictions lead Hacking to tell me to start a journal with questions. My journal became a 6 year project that filled a 3″ binder. I eventually confronted the church, found the truth, and realized man was fallible. There was no church on the face of the earth that could ever claim to represent “God” (whoever he/she/it was) because man would always try to control the masses. With all the lies, hidden agendas, and white washed history I finally decided to request my name be removed from the LDS church records. I’ve NEVER looked back or missed being a Mormon. Not once! My world opened up and I could finally understand things that through lies/false doctrine didn’t make sense. My only regret at going on a mission is all the lives that were altered due to the spread of false doctrine. I hope that one day all the people who were baptized on my watch will realize the reality of the Mormon church and leave.

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